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Rifle for sale. A rifle is a long-barreled gun with a helical pattern of grooves (rifling) etched into the bore wall that is intended for precise shooting. Rifles are often made to be handled with both hands and stabilized on the shooter’s shoulder by a buttstock, in line with their emphasis on accuracy. Weaponry, law enforcement, hunting, shooting sports, and criminal activity all make substantial use of rifles.

The phrase rifled gun was first used to describe the early modern machining technique of making grooves with cutting tools. The weapon was so widely utilized by the 20th century that the noun rifle is now frequently used to refer to any long-shaped handheld distant weapon built for well-aimed discharge activated by a trigger.

Like all typical firearms, a rifle’s projectile (bullet) is propelled by the contained deflagration of a combustible propellant compound (originally black powder and now nitrocellulose and other smokeless powders). However, other propellants are also used, such as compressed air in air rifles, which are widely used for vermin control, small game hunting, competitive target shooting, and recreational shooting (plinking).

The rifling inside a rifle’s barrel is what distinguishes it from older smoothbore long weapons (such as arquebuses and muskets).

Lands are the elevated portions of a barrel’s rifling that come into touch with the bullet as it travels down the bore and apply torque to it, giving it a spin. Due to the conservation of angular momentum, this spin continues after the bullet leaves the barrel, giving it gyroscopic stability and extending its effective range. Breech-loading enabled the employment of lengthened and aerodynamically efficient bullets, which did not considerably yaw or tumble in flight due to the spin. Earlier long rifles were muzzle-loaders firing spherical balls.

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