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Lever-action tubular magazine rifle known as the Henry repeating rifle used in the Battle of the Little Bighorn and served as the prototype for the famous Winchester rifle of the American Wild West.

The original Henry was a sixteen-shot,.44 caliber rimfire, breech-loading lever-action rifle created by Benjamin Tyler Henry in 1860. The New Haven Arms Company first debuted it in the early 1860s and continued to manufacture it there through 1866. The Henry, which had more firepower than the regular issue carbine, was adopted by the Union in small numbers during the Civil War.

Many of them later made their way to the West, particularly when the Sioux and Cheyenne used them to defeat Custer’s U.S. Cavalry forces in June 1876.

A. Uberti and Henry Repeating Arms manufacture contemporary copies in.44-40 Winchester and.45 Colt.

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