Henry Announces the New Big Boy Revolver in .357 Magnum/.38 Special

New Big Boy Revolver

Henry Big Boy Revolver | Henry Big Boy Revolver .357 Magnum / .38 Special | New Big Boy Revolver

One of America’s top gun manufacturers, Henry Repeating Arms, is proud to unveil a number of new items, including its first foray into the world of wheel guns, the first-ever rifles to accept the .360 Buckhammer straight wall cartridge, and a much-awaited redesign of its venerable line of brass-framed centerfire lever action rifles. New Big Boy Revolver

The Henry Big Boy Revolver is both a historic release that collectors will enjoy as an extremely rare opportunity to own the first genuine handgun made by the long gun manufacturer and the ideal sidekick for owners of the Henry Big Boy rifle, further extending beyond the lever action rifles and shotguns synonymous with the Henry name.

The conventional double-action revolver, which is chambered in.357 Magnum/.38 Special, comes with a choice of two alternative grip designs: the wider, flared Gunfighter style or the more compact, rounded Birdshead type. The medium-sized steel frame, 6-round quick-release cylinder, 4″ barrel, grip panels made from real American walnut, and polished brass trigger guard that wraps all the way around the grip to the top of the backstrap are just a few of the features that give the Big Boy Revolver design cues from its rifle counterpart. A conventional revolver sight picture is provided by the fixed notch rear sight and the interchangeable front blade sights with various heights. $928 is the MSRP.

The new ammunition was created in collaboration with Remington Ammunition and is enhanced for use in lever-action rifles.For hunters of whitetail deer and other medium-sized game, the 360 Buckhammer straight wall cartridge offers a longer range, higher velocity, more energy, and a flatter trajectory than the competition. Henry is releasing the first guns chambered for the new caliber on the market with the Henry Steel Lever Action once the ammo becomes widely available.The Henry Lever Action X Model and 360 Buckhammer. Buckhammer 360. The furniture differences between the two models, which both have a 5-round capacity and a matte blued steel receiver, stand out the most.

Big Boy Revolver

 With M-Lok and Picatinny attachment slots, the X Model variant’s robust black synthetic stocks are superior to the checkered American walnut used in the Steel Lever Action variant. The X Model version also has a barrel with a 5/824 thread and fiber optic sights. The Steel Lever Action.360 Buckhammer’s MSRP is $1,057, while the Lever Action X Model’s is $1,091.Buckhammer 360.

After there was a tremendous demand for a pistol-calibrated Henry Golden Boy, the Big Boy was created in 2003.22. A side loading gate, which is handy for keeping the magazine topped off while on a hunt or at the range, is being added to the Big Boy and Henry’s other brass-framed centerfire lever action rifles, which were first released 20 years ago. These rifles still have their original detachable inner magazine tube, which allows for a quicker, safer discharge of the weapon.

 The sweeping change affects 21 distinct models, including some engraved editions and larger calibers like the.30-30 and.45-70, all of which have a polished hardened brass receiver, buttplate, and barrel band, genuine American walnut stocks, and the iconic blued steel octagon barrel. The predecessors are being phased out as inventory runs out.

These new releases, according to Henry Repeating Arms CEO and Founder Anthony Imperato, “are a testament to the fact that we have no plans to take our foot off the gas any time soon” despite the fact that the previous two years have been challenging in a number of ways. “Whether you intend to purchase the new revolver or you’ll be one of those taking.We appreciate you choosing to buy a Henry with the money you worked so hard to earn. 360 Buckhammer is now open for its inaugural deer season.

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