Henry Homesteader 9mm carbine

Henry Homesteader 9mm carbine | Henry Homesteader Caliber Carbine 9mm 

Henry Homesteader 9mm carbine. The Homesteader 9mm, a feature-rich semi-automatic 9mm carbine wrapped in one of America’s top gunmakers’ historical design languages, was unveiled today by Henry Repeating Arms. It was created to fulfill the needs of both property owners and weekend range users.

With a line of lever action rifles, but also with other affordable and intriguing characteristics, one of the iconic Western epic brands has been climbing the U.S. sales rankings for a few years. Now, however, we want to tell you about a semi-automatic carbine in 9mm caliber with vintage styling that is intended for home and farmstead protection instead of yet another lever-action weapon.

There are three different types of the Henry Homesteader pistol caliber carbine available on the US market, each with a different type of magazine that can be used. The other two models contain a (detachable) adapter that ensures compatibility with Glock magazines or with SIG Sauer and Smith & Wesson M&P handgun series magazines. The basic version is fed by a proprietary Henry magazine. Whatever variant you choose, the kit comes with a 5-round and a 10-round Henry magazine in 9mm Para.


Henry Homesteader 9mm carbine
Henry Homesteader 9mm carbine

The Homesteader 9mm boasts high-quality components and a flexible feature set to provide effortless versatility for a variety of roles, including home defense, safeguarding livestock from predators that threaten them, and as a fun, approachable firearm for the shooting range with widely accessible and reasonably priced ammunition. The Homesteader 9mm uses detachable magazine well adapters to accept Glock®, SIG Sauer®, or Smith & Wesson® M&P® style magazines, in addition to the built-in 5-round and 10-round Henry 9mm magazines, to give compatibility for the most popular magazine patterns.

Additional noteworthy features include smartly designed, centrally situated controls that will appeal to right- and left-handed users, a threaded barrel for suppressor use to reduce noise for neighbors at the range or at home. Its small size and light weight make it easy to move in confined spaces and enable storage in places where other standard-sized rifles and shotguns might not fit. With fully adjustable sights, intuitive, quick target acquisition is made possible, and it is kept up with features like a reciprocating mass under the forearm to counteract recoil and non-slip leather-like texturing on the real American walnut furniture. 


Henry Homesteader 9mm carbine

       The Henry Homesteader semi-automatic carbine has a very traditional style that is evocative of the original Browning BAR thanks to its flat-sided black anodized aluminum frame and natural wood pistol grip stock. Amazingly, there is no Picatinny rail, which is not necessarily a bad thing: in a time when rifles and handguns bristling with rails and accessory interfaces are raging, discovering a really classic-looking carbine has something reassuring about it. Other than that, the Homesteader is a traditional blowback semi-automatic carbine that cycles the action using recoil. Direct, single-action trigger.

The Homesteader is resistant to the natural wear and tear that comes with a hardworking rifle thanks to tough finishes like deeply blued steel, a matte sealant on the wood, and hard anodizing on the aluminum receiver.

The suggested retail price from the manufacturer is $928 for the variant with only a Henry magazine well and $959 for the versions with two additional magazine wells. Only dealers with a federal dealer license are authorized to sell firearms manufactured by Henry Repeating Arms.

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Henry Homesteader 9mm carbine


With a bolt hold open that can be operated from either the left or right side of the carbine, a top-mounted thumb safety, a bottom-mounted magazine release toggle in the middle, and a charging handle that can be quickly and firmly mounted on either side of the bolt, the controls on the Henry Homesteader are simple to use.

The barrel has a 1:10 twist rate and is 415 millimeters long. The muzzle’s 1/2-28 threading makes it possible to add a muzzle brake or suppressor (where permitted by law).

Due in large part to a sight radius that is longer than that of a pistol, the gun’s accuracy may be maximized with the help of the easily interchangeable post front sight and adjustable full aperture rear sight. The receiver is drilled and tapped for a Weaver 63B base, which is suitable for individuals who favor red dots or magnified optics.

The Henry Homesteader semi-automatic carbine weighs only 2.9 kilograms and has an overall length of 92 cm, making it particularly manageable in confined spaces. A reciprocating mass inside the forearm counteracts perceived recoil, allowing the rifle to return to target more quickly between shots and giving the recoil sensitive person confidence. The American walnut stock’s highly textured contact points with the soft rubber recoil pad provide even more control.

Henry Homesteader 9mm Carbine Specifications

Model Number: H027-H9

Caliber: 9mm

Action: Semi-Automatic

Capacity: 10 rounds

Barrel Length: 16.37″

Barrel Type: Round Blued Steel

Rate of Twist: 1:10

Overall Length: 35.75″

Weight: 6.6 lbs.

Receiver Finish: Hard Anodized Black

Rear Sight: Adjustable Aperture

Front Sight: Screw-On Post

Scopeability: Drilled and Tapped

Scope Mount Type: Weaver 63B

Stock Material: American Walnut

Buttplate/Pad: Rubber

Length of Pull: 14″

Safety: Top-Mounted Thumb Switch

Best Uses: Target/Hunting/Small Game

About Henry Repeating Arms:

One of the top American makers of rifles and shotguns as well as a global leader in the lever action market is Henry Repeating Arms. “Made in America, or not made at all,” is the company’s credo, and its firearms are backed by a lifetime guarantee and award-winning customer service. The business is also well-known for its Guns for Great Causes charitable initiative, which supports organizations that support wildlife conservation, police enforcement, first responder groups, children’s hospitals, military veteran organizations, and families of sick children.

The company presently employs over 600 employees, and its sites in Wisconsin and New Jersey have over 350,000 square feet of manufacturing area. The firm bears Benjamin Tyler Henry’s name; he created and patented the Henry lever action rifle in 1860, which was the first usable repeating rifle and an original American contribution to the world of firearms design. Online at, on Facebook at, and on Instagram at @henry rifles, you can learn more about Henry Repeating Arms.

The price in the U.S. for the basic version of the Henry Homesteader carbine is 928.00, which rises to $959.00 if you want the version with Glock or SIG SAUER/Smith and Wesson magazine adapter. You can buy Henry Homesteader 9mm Carbine here at Solid Arms.

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